Uploading the CSV file

After your CRM completes the backend setup for your Mandatory Schedule upload, you will now have the ability to upload a correctly formatted CSV to pre-populate your user schedules. 

  1. Please review the following article: EventPilot Mandatory / Pre-Set Schedule File Format Specification.  

  2. Once you have prepared the CSV file, follow the below instructions: 
    1. Go to Agenda > Calendar > Upload CSV Calendar Info
      The CMS will let you know when the CSV file upload is complete.
    2. Test one of the logins
  3. Once the upload is complete, if the app is already built, the user will be able to see their schedule in the app.  If the app is not built, the schedules will be visible to the users once the app is built as a proof or release.
    • Note: When you upload an updated CSV, you can just do the same upload process above and there is no need to delete old CSV files.  The CMS will automatically replace with the newest file that has revisions.