When should I plan to start my 3-month DIY subscription for EventPilot?

Modified on Tue, 17 May, 2022 at 4:06 PM

The EventPilot DIY subscriptions are available on a 3 month period. Subscriptions renew after 3 months at the same initial rate, unless you cancel during the first subscription period. 

The subscription gives you access to the platform from the Content Management System (CMS) side as well as the event attendee side with access to the Online Planner for the desktop or the native mobile apps for iOS and Android. 

Three months are typically sufficient to prepare for one month, to make the platform available for your attendees for one month days, and to have the platform available for one month after the event. 

Here are some example timelines you could follow depending when your program content is available. 

Imagine your event begins April 11:

Feb 10: Purchase a Subscription and start preparing your event program in the CMS by adding sessions, speakers, exhibitors, floor plans, general information, etc. (Functionality to prepare depends on the subscription level you have purchased). Plan for your own scheduling that this may take approximately 3-4 weeks

Mar 10 - One month after subscription purchase

About a month before your event, you announce the online planner and native apps to your attendees so they can start building their schedules. You can continue making updates and changes. 

Apr 10 - Two months after subscription purchase

Your Event begins. You can continue making updates and changes. 

May 10 - Three months after your purchase

Your hosting either 

  • automatically renews for another 90 days at the same price of your first subscription. Your attendees can continue accessing the platform. You can continue making updates and changes. 
  • ends if you have canceled the subscription before the renewal date. You can no longer make data updates or publish changes.