How do I Import my data from A2Z?

Modified on Wed, 19 Oct 2022 at 03:09 PM

To use the standard exhibitor import from A2Z, do the following:

  1. Ask your representative at A2Z for the following items:
    1. API Key or Event Key (a long alpha numeric string that may look something like this: 5KPdkBi4q2kZbCaaSAJE2yQKeKL1Kr5DZhiMIFX+w1jSzP02mBHTM7BLNsP0qldrKllYE38C9jGfElcd7W0uKCe5TGHcwl5im36xCBwoWCs=)
    2. API Username
    3. API Password
    4. Event ID
    5. InstallName
  2. Once you receive these items, log into the CMS > Exhibitors > Expo
  3. Click Add Import 
  4. Give your data source a name, e.g. A2Z
  5. From the "Import Source Type" dropdown, choose A2Z
  6. Next
  7. Fill in the parameters you were provided
    1. Note: For EventPilot Pro users, your Project Manager can help set up any customizations you may have purchased.
  8. Next
  9. Complete the field mapping: Decide which fields from the A2Z API (shown in the middle column) you want to bring into the EventPilot CMS.
    1. Tip: If you do not want to display certain data on the EventPilot platform, you can choose "Do Not Import" in the dropdowns on the right hand side. 
  10. Next
  11. Your import will complete. Review the Results tab, which will let you know if any records were skipped.

    Field mapping between EventPilot and the default A2Z import:
    * Org ID: id
    * Title: title
    * Description: choose either address, phone, tollfree, fax, description, concatenated_description (description with address, phone # and category list for searching added)
    * Type: usertext1 (will default to the term “Exhibitor” if blank) or Exhibitor (all entries are defaulted to type Exhibitor)
    * URL: url
    * Email: email
    * Icon: img
    * Location: choose either location or location_padded
    * Media: media items (press releases)
    * Filter 1 through 4: choose your filters categories, subcategories, upgradelevel, press release (Simply contains the text “press release” when the exhibitor has a press release. For use as a filter.)
    * Additional fields we import that you could use instead of the suggested items above: usertext2, usertext3, usertext4, Customfield, HallCode,OnlineProfile