To use the standard exhibitor import from A2Z, do the following:

   1.  Ask your representative at A2Z for the following items:

  • The EventKey (a long alpha numeric string that may look something like this: 5KPdkBi4q2kZbCaaSAJE2yQKeKL1Kr5DZhiMIFX+w1jSzP02mBHTM7BLNsP0qldrKllYE38C9jGfElcd7W0uKCe5TGHcwl5im36xCBwoWCs=)
  • The Event ID
  • Username
  • Password
  • Event InstallName

2.  Once you receive these items, log into the CMS
3. In the CMS, select the Exhibitors tab
4. In the Exhibitors tab, choose to add a data source:
5. From the dropdown menu, choose A2Z:

6. Fill in the correct information:

7. Choose Next (or Save if you are editing information that has already been entered).

8. Map the import sources with the correct corresponding EventPilot field:

9. Select Import.

10. Once your items are imported, then review the Results tab of the import pop-up.  If you see any errors, please contact your CRM.

Field mapping between EventPilot and the default A2Z import: 

  • Org ID: id 
  • Title: title
  • Description: choose either address, phone, tollfree, fax, description, concatenated_description (description with address, phone # and category list for searching added)
  • Type: usertext1 (will default to the term “Exhibitor” if blank) or Exhibitor (all entries are defaulted to type Exhibitor)
  • URL: url
  • Email: email
  • Icon: img
  • Location: choose either location or location_padded
  • Media: media items (press releases)
  • Filter 1 through 4: choose your filters categories, subcategories, upgradelevel, press release (Simply contains the text “press release” when the exhibitor has a press release. For use as a filter.)
  • Additional fields we import that you could use instead of the suggested items above: usertext2, usertext3, usertext4, Customfield, HallCode,OnlineProfile