Starting version 8.0 (Fall release 2016), we are supporting the following tags in description fields: 






<hr />

<br />


<a href...> linking to websites (e.g. all links must start with https)

Your link tag must include target="_blank" rel="external" in the a tag


<a href='' target="_blank" rel="external">

These tags can be used in session descriptions, speaker descriptions, exhibitor descriptions, and attendee list descriptions.

For example, if you like to bold text, do the following in your CSV or Google sheet:

This session requires <strong>registration</strong>.

It will appear like this in the app:

This session requires registration.

Using Characters Reserved in HTML 

If including HTML markup in your abstract content, please ensure to use HTML entities for reserved HTML characters such as less than ( < ) or greater than ( > ) signs between HTML tags. Otherwise the webview in the app will mix these characters with HTML tags.


<p> Subjects < 6 years and 6 year olds unable to read.</p>

Should be written as: 

<p> Subjects &#60; 6 years and 6 year olds unable to read.</p>

For more information on HTML entities visit

Adding Google Maps Direction Links

Follow the instructions in this article on creating Google Maps links for directions to a particular address from the user's current location.