How does my organization profile appear in the event app? (exhibitor detail view)

Modified on Wed, 27 Dec 2023 at 01:06 PM

Each organization profile (exhibitor detail view) displays following the same structure. The content that ultimately appears depends on the event organizer settings.

Sample exhibitor detail view in the EventPilot Conference App

Fields you may be able to edit

Fields that are typically provided to exhibitors to edit are: 

  • Email: this should be a generic email address for attendees to contact your organization
  • URL: add your public organization URL, or, if you created a specific landing page for attendees from this event, use that landing page
  • Logo: upload your organization logo as either jpg or png 
  • Description: provide a company description and ensure to list any products and services that may be of interest for the conference attendees. The global search will return your exhibitor detail view when attendees type in keywords you included in the description. 
  • WebLinks: Depending on the event organizer's settings, you can add 1 to 5 web links. You could add links to product fact sheets, newsletter signup pages, or a link your organization's meeting scheduling tool (e.g. like Calendly or Acuity).

Your event organizer may provide you with access to all or none of these fields, usually these settings are based on your sponsorship level.

Fields you cannot edit

Your event organizer adds certain fields that cannot be edited by you. If changes are required, contact the event organizer: 

  • Organization name
  • Booth location(s) and map pin icon: the field appears if the event organizer has assigned a booth location. The map icon displays, if the location has been pinned on the floor plan. When attendees tap the icon, an animated pin drops to your booth location in the expo hall map. 
  • Filter keywords: the keywords and filter labels are provided by the event organizer and are interactive buttons so that attendees can easily see the full list of all exhibitors with a matching keyword. 

The organizer also controls additional features:

  • Bookmark icon: attendees can bookmark any exhibitor they are interested in. 
  • Note icon: attendees can take personal notes.
  • discussion chat: This is a public chat available to all logged in users. The title of the chat is your organization name. If you have representatives who can log into the app, they can respond to any questions. Some event organizers prohibit exhibitors from logging into the app. 
  • Sessions: if the organization is associated in the event organizer's data to a session in the program, the session appears directly in the exhibitor detail view. Attendees can add the session to their personal schedule, bookmark it, and add private notes. If you have a special booth event scheduled, check with your event organizer if one of the sponsorship levels allows you to include your booth events in the conference program.