1. From the app store, install the free “EventPilot User’s Conference” app
  2. Accept the data update if you receive one after opening the app
  3. Log in either as jill@ativ.me on one device and as george@ativ.me. Password for either username: test123
  4. Access Peer Finder either via:
    1. from the HOME screen Menu on the top left > Peer Finder
    2. MORE from the tab bar > Peer Finder
  5. Search for George if you are logged in as Jill or search for Jill if you are logged in as George > select the detail view and send a message using the messaging icon

Note: Peer Finder is not a live chat but designed specifically for a conference environment with limited Internet access as a system for offline/online access with sync optimization. Messages may not appear immediately and may be delayed a few minutes.