Can I make edits to content in the attendee list when a user updated or edited their profile?

Modified on Sun, 23 Jun at 3:13 PM

Changing User Edits to their User Profile

Yes, you can overwrite user's updates to their user profile how it appears in the attendee list.

Users can update the following fields which you can overwrite by editing in the Conference App Builder before publishing: 

  • Title
  • Organization
  • Bio
  • Photo

Note: the user can see your changes in their profile and continue updating their profile. Their updates appear on the next data publish.

How to edit user profile content: 

  1. Access your project in the Conference App Builder
  2. Navigate to Attendees
  3. Search for the name of the user where you wish to update the profile
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit

Editing Primary Fields

While you can update any of the other fields in the Conference App Builder, if you are using a data import from a registration system for example, the following changes will be overwritten on each import to remain in sync with the registration system: 

  • Username
  • Private Email
  • Filter Keywords
  • Media Items

If you delete an attendee in the attendee list in the Conference App Builder, the record will be re-added on a subsequent import. The changes the user or you as the organizer have made remain, except the fields mentioned above. 

User Photo Editing

Removing the photo in the attendee list does not remove the photo from the user's profile. It only removes it from the attendee list display. The user's photo still appears in any chat or discussion forum. 

If the user uploads a new photo, the new photo will appear in the attendee list after the next data publish. 

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