How do notifications appear on the device? What is a better way to sell sponsor ads?

Modified on Fri, 24 Mar 2023 at 10:39 AM

Timed Alerts and Notifications

EvenPilot allows you to display text, links, or images to appear at specific start and end times. 

Text alerts also appear as notifications, however, not everyone may receive notifications and this method is not reliable as the only option to communicate important information to attendees. For critical content, please use additional means of communication with your attendees. Keep in mind that:

  • attendees may not see your notifications as they can easily turn off app notifications or set their device to DO NOT DISTURB
  • attendees already receive session reminder notifications for each session they have added to their schedule
  • if you make changes in the Conference App Builder and delete an alert, some users who have not received the date update since you published, would still receive the original alert that is queued on their device
  • notifications from one app could be grouped automatically by the operating system - if you are selling exhibitor ads as alerts, they may be grouped and not appear as you expected

See this KB Article for Best Practices for Alerts

Alternative Advertisement Options

You have a variety of options to highlight your sponsors without using alerts:

  • Link in the MORE section to go to the sponsor's web page
  • Exhibitor filters for hot / new products
  • Inclusion of press releases in the app
  • Session ads
  • Rotating banner widget