1. Alerts Created by Event Organizers

  • Alerts appear as notifications on users' native devices and also display as cards on the home screen in the native apps and the web app. 
  • On the users' native devices - A notification appears once and will not reappear once the user has reacted to it in any way.
  • On the Home Screen in the native app - If the user doesn't close the alert, it will display the entire time you have scheduled it for.

How it looks in the app:

2. Scheduled Sessions

Your attendees will automatically receive notifications for all the sessions they have on their schedule 15 minutes before the session start. 

How it looks on their devices:

How it looks in the app:

These alerts do not appear as cards above the search field on your home screen, but instead within a section of of the home screen just above the activity feed. The same section also includes a list of upcoming sessions that are not on the user's schedule.