How do I create the list of poster presenters or exhibitors that can access the emails submitted by attendees?

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Step 1 - Determine Who Has Access

  1. Create a CSV file with 3 columns
    1. Column 1: Poster Number (matching the session number in the EventPilot Conference App Builder if you use the EventPilot conference app)
    2. Column 2: Session ID (matching the sub-session ID in the EventPilot Conference App Builder if you use the EventPilot conference app)
      Important: the session IDs listed in this column must be unique!
    3. Usernames: comma separated list of usernames based on your login method. Your login could be set up to use emails or badge numbers or membership usernames as the username field in the login. 
      1. NOTE: Usernames with a '+' symbol, e.g., are not supported with PosterBridge.

CSV displayed in table format (e.g. Google Sheet):

Poster Number
Session ID

The same example in CSV format:

Poster Number,Session ID,Usernames



If you are using the EventPilot conference app, the session ID is used to look up the sub-session presentation title and displays it for the user's scan record.

Additional Examples

If your attendees log in using a badge ID as the username

Session ID,Poster Number,Username




To add two presenters to a poster so they both can see the list, use double quotes around a comma separated list of usernames: 

Session ID,Poster Number,Username



If your attendees log in using your membership system login

Imagine your membership system is setup so that usernames are email addresses. Your CSV could look like this:

Session ID,Poster Number,Username




If SSO was implemented, the usernames in the EventPilot system may have a prefix. The usernames you list in your CSV file must have that same prefix consisting of your organization abbreviation followed by ://. 

For example, ASMS has SSO implemented and all usernames have the prefix asms:// 

You can check if usernames have a prefix.

  1. Go the Planner (Conference App Builder > Distribution > Testing Links > open the proof planner link) and login as if you were an attendee
  2. Then go to the Conference App Builder > Home > scroll down > click on User Moderation > click on the User Management sub-tab > search for your name, or the name on the account you logged in with. Check how the username is displayed. If it has a prefix, you must add the prefix in your CSV file before uploading to the Conference App Builder.

Example with SSO:

Session ID,Poster Number,Username




Step 2 - Add the CSV file to the Conference App Builder

  1. Log in to the EventPilot Conference App Builder 
  2. Go to Add Ons > PosterBridge to see the Import option
  3. On the Import sub-page: 
    1. Step 1, Setup: Choose "CSV URL" > Next
    2. Step 2, Data: In the CSV URL field, paste the URL to your CSV file. Then click Next
      (If you use a Google Sheet, click here for instructions on how to get a CSV URL link for a worksheet)

    3. Step 3, Mapping: Make sure the fields are mapped appropriately (e.g. Session ID is mapped to Session ID etc.)

    4. Results: You will see a confirmation of how many rows were imported (written) successfully 
      Please note: row count includes header rows from your data

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