PowerPoint Version

Save your PowerPoint file for PowerPoint 2007 compatibility.

File > Save & Send > File Types select PowerPoint 2007 > rename the file > Save

Include presentation properties

Click the Microsoft Office Button > Select Prepare > Select Properties

(older versions of PowerPoint: File > Properties).

Ensure Author, Title, Subject, and a short description in the Comments field are included.

Font Size

Use font size 24 or higher to ensure readability on small mobile screens.

Bottom Margin

Keep the standard PowerPoint slide margin on the bottom of your slides. This ensures sufficient space for the mobile navigation controls.

Mac Keynote to PowerPoint

Keynote users can easily save their presentation in the required .ppt format.

Keynote Properties

Ensure your first slide is a Title & Subtitle by selecting the Masters icon in the toolbar – the checkmark should be next to one of the Title master slides.

Select Inspector > Document > Spotlight where you can enter your name in the Author field.

Export to PowerPoint

Submit your presentation in .ppt format by selecting File > Export > PPT and clicking the Next … button to enter the filename and Export.