Why does the resolution change for my virtual poster after upload?

Modified on Tue, 29 Nov, 2022 at 12:49 PM

While your poster may be created in a vector graphic tool that allows you to endlessly zoom in with crystal clear clarity at the furthest zoom level, a virtual poster in EventPilot is converted into an image. Images that are not vector graphics have a limited resolution and will be compressed for smallest file size. 

Ensure you create your poster graphic for on screen viewing with sufficiently large text, easily legible fonts, and clear graphics. 

This article includes guidelines on creating/designing your poster to avoid fuzzy or blurry content. If your uploaded PDF does not load on iPhone at all - click here.

Below you see some screenshots (scaled to fit into this article) from a laptop display at 100% browser width/height:

Screenshot zoomed in 2x

Screenshot zoomed in 4x

Screenshot zoomed in 6x