If you are listening to your recording preview and you notice the audio being cut off or you are not hearing audio, check or try the following : 

  1. Did you speak longer than the allotted time?
    The organizer can set a maximum time. The audio recording will automatically stop when the time limit has been reached. Shorten your speaking time so you finish before reaching the time limit.
  2. Are you on the latest version of the Chrome browser?
    If you don't have Chrome installed, download it here.
    Check what the latest version is here
    Update your browser following these steps.

  3. Is your microphone recognized correctly by the Chrome browser?
    Go to this page https://online-mic-test.com/ and run the recording test. The page will prompt to allow for access to the microphone. If the page displays an error, follow the suggestions on the page to fix the microphone issue. 

  4. Are other applications running on your computer that could interfere? 
    Restart your computer, then shut down any other applications running on your computer.
    If you have Chrome extensions installed, disable those before recording.
    Only have a single browser tab in Chrome open to record.

  5. Does it work on a different computer or device?
    Your specific setup on your machine may interfere with the Chrome recording feature. You may try using a different computer or try using an Android device.