My presentation video (MP4) is too long. How do I shorten it?

Modified on Mon, 22 Nov 2021 at 01:47 PM

A variety of video editing programs are available to trim a video. 

  1. Windows Video Editor (Formerly "Windows Movie Maker." Windows only, likely pre-installed on your machine)
  2. iMovie (Mac only, likely pre-installed on your machine)
  3. KineMaster (Android or iOS mobile devices)
  4. OpenShot (Windows, Mac, or Linux)

Tutorial for iMovie

Tutorial for Windows Video Editor

Why do I need to meet this requirement for my Simulive presentation?

Your pre-recorded video will stream exactly at the scheduled session or presentation time. This simulates the experience of a live presentation without the issues presented with livestreaming from your home or from the on-site portion of the event. 

Keeping your video at or under your allotted presentation time enables the next presentation, following yours, to start exactly on time. For hybrid conferences, this keeps the remote attendees on pace with the in-person attendees, facilitating more productive question and answer sessions and other interactions.