How do I add PDFs that do not require users to log in to view?

Modified on Mon, 31 Jul 2023 at 03:13 PM

Any PDFs uploaded by speakers via the Speaker Portal or PDFs that you upload via auto-association require users to log in to view. These uploads offer additional functionality:

  • Text within the files is included in Global Search
  • Files open in EventPilot PDF viewer with note-taking, PDF file download, and bookmarking
  • Log in protection

If you need to provide PDF files that do NOT require login, you can add them in one of the following ways. 

Option 1: Data Source Imports from Spreadsheet (CSV)

This option is recommended if you have many PDF files for upload.

  1. Work with your IT team to upload the PDF files to your association's web server
    1. If you do not have an option to store your PDFs on a server, you can use DocDroid, which is a low cost PDF hosting site. The links it generates for each PDF would load into a browser window/tab on all platforms.
  2. Each PDF will then have a URL (e.g. DocDroid would generate a short URL like
    1. If you receive the URLs from your IT team, ensure the file names are formatted well in lowercase without symbols, spaces, or extra periods. 
      1. Correct file name: my-session-handout.pdf
      2. Incorrect file name: My Session Handout & info [v1].2023.pdf
        (why: spaces, symbols & and [ ], extra period in the file name)
  3. Create a spreadsheet for your PDFs (Pro users: Contact your Project Manager for help setting this up.) 
    1. Reference the CSV specifications to ensure you include the required fields
    2. For type, enter:
      1. if your URLs end in .pdf like then use: pdf (all lower case)
      2. if your URL is a link e.g. from DocDroid like then use: ext/html
  4. Visit the CAB > Media > Media Data and create a new import source to add your PDFs (How-to here:
    How do I import data? this article also includes details how to associate the PDF with a session, speaker, or exhibitor)

If you have just a few PDFs to upload, option 2 or 3 may be a good fit.

Option 2: Conference App Builder Manual Upload via Media Page

  1. Go to the Conference App Builder > Media > Media Data
  2. Click the Add Medibutton
  3. Select PDF Link
  4. Enter a title for your PDF (e.g. match the session or abstract title)
  5. Optional: Enter a short subtitle
  6. Optional: Add a URL to an icon image (follow these instructions to use a custom icon)
  7. Click Save
  8. Wait for the file to finish uploading and the PDF Link dialog to appear. The media item has been created. 
  9. Optional: You can associate the media item to multiple different records (sessions, speakers, exhibitors) from this view. 
    1. To link the PDF to a session for example, click the PLUS button next to Sessions
    2. Select the session where the PDF should appear in the detail view

Option 3: Conference App Builder Manual Upload to Session, Speaker, and Exhibitor Directly

  1. Go to the section of the App Builder where you'd like to associate a PDF: Agenda > Sessions or Agenda > Speakers or Expo > Exhibitors
  2. Search for and then click on the record where you want to display the link to the PDF file
  3. In that record detail view, next to the header Media click the Plus button
  4. You have not yet created the media item to select. Therefore, click the Plus button next to Add New
  5. Select PDF Link
  6. Enter a title for your PDF (e.g. match the session or abstract title)
  7. Optional: Enter a short subtitle 
  8. Optional: Add a URL to an icon image (follow these instructions to use a custom icon)
  9. Click Save
  10. The PDF media item has been created and associated to the record. To edit media items, we recommend using the Conference App Builder > Media > Media Data page in the Conference App Builder.

How do I link to my PDF from a button or tab?

Use the Action Builder to choose Individual Item > Media > Locate the PDF you uploaded via its title or its ID.

Please reference this article for more information on choosing button or tab actions.