When I try to retrieve CME (credit) data via the API, I receive a “No return value” error?

Modified on Tue, 07 Feb 2023 at 11:53 AM

In order to make sure your credentials are properly set up, open the following URL in a private or incognito browser window: 


Replace the orange text with the server that your project is on, which you can identify by looking at the URL when you access your project in the Conference App Builder

It may look something like this: 

In this example, the server is eppro02.ativ.me, so your URL would be https://eppro02.ativ.me/auth/index.php. 

This page may look like the "regular" Conference App Builder login, but it is slightly different.

Log in using your credentials. 

If the login is not successful, hit the “Forgot password” link to reset the password. (Note: You can you use the same password as logging into the Conference App Builder normally.)

Once you are able to successfully login, you can use the forms in the Conference App Builder > Analytics > CME/Schedule to test that your API call is working correctly.

If you do not see this sub-tab, please contact your Project Manager.