I have my map image only in PDF format. How do I size it and add it as a floor plan image?

Modified on Tue, 7 Feb, 2023 at 4:39 PM

If you only have a PDF of a floor plan, you can use simple image tools to convert the PDF into a perfect map image. 

Before creating your image file, review the best practices for designing map floor plans for events

  1. Convert PDF to an image
    1. Open the link https://pdf2png.com
    2. Upload your PDF
    3. Download the converted image
  2. Scale it down if needed to be below 5 million pixels
    1. Determine your image width and height (on most computers, you can right click the image file to see the dimensions. On Mac, you can use Preview > Tools > Resize to see the image width/height).
      Multiply width by height to determine the total pixels, which must be below 5 million. E.g. if your image is 3,000 wide by 1,600 tall, the total pixels are 4.8 million. If your image is 4,000 pixels tall by 5,000 pixels wide, your total number of pixels is 20 million. You must now scale the image to be below the 5 million mark.
      1. Open the downloaded image in any image editor on your computer and scale it down below 5 million pixels (multiply width by height)
      2. Save the scaled image to your computer
  3. Compress the image
    1. Open the link http://tinypng.com
    2. Upload your scaled image
    3. Download the compressed version
  4. Upload the image to the Conference App Builder
    1. Log in to the Conference App Builder 
    2. Open the menu Maps and upload your image 
    3. Remember to give your image a label