What are the basic deliverables to get started with my project?

Modified on Mon, 03 Jul 2023 at 07:55 AM

Here is a brief overview what you can prepare to get your project started: 


For Branded apps : iOS and Google Developer account access

For Branded and multi-event shell apps only: To digitally sign and submit your application to the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, you must invite ATIV to your developer accounts. If you do not yet have these accounts, please start the setup asap as enrollment can take several weeks to be completed.

How to enroll with the Apple Developer Program

How to set up a Google Play account

This is not required for normal EventPilot projects, where your attendees or users download the "EventPilot Conference App" that is already in the store. 

Event branded images

For EventPilot Advanced, Premium, and Pro, you can upload branded graphics for some icons and banners and a splash screen. 

Here is an article about required app imagery you can send to your graphic designer to follow in order to create the images.

Home Screen for App and for Desktop Planner

Use the Conference App Builder to design your Home Screen for your app Conference App Builder > Design > Home Screens. Build your app's Home Screen and separately your Planner Home Screen. 

If you like to use a background graphic as seen in the examples below, use the following specifications:

  • 800px by 800px at 72dpi
  • Max 50kb in file size
  • No gradients. Abstract line art is ideal.
  • Single color hue. Either extremely light to use dark text or very dark to use white text. 

App Data (Session information, speakers, exhibitors,...)

EventPilot conference app content is stored in a database structure. To add the content, you can use the easy to use EventPilot Conference App Builder or import spreadsheet tables. 

EventPilot Pro users can also import directly from a variety of Abstract Management Systems. 

Learn more about importing different data or adding content via the video tutorials.

Floor Plans and Maps

EventPilot Premium and Pro users can upload floor plans and pin room locations for interactive maps. 

EventPilot Pro users can purchase the RouteInside add-on for indoor offline navigation. 

Floor plan images are preloaded into the app that is submitted to the app store so your attendees can instantly navigate without requiring WiFi. While modern mobile devices are quite powerful computers, there are some limitations when it comes to displaying large high-resolution graphics. Follow the details below to design optimized floor plan image files:

  • All text must be clearly readable at 100% for each floor plan image (This means: if you look at your image at 100% and you can still read the text if you zoom out to 50%, your image is too big in width and height)
  • Include the name of the map in the image "Hotel 1st floor"
  • All map images must be included in the initial app store submission of the app to ensure the best user experience. Avoid having to update maps: Instead of listing exhibitor names on the image, only use booth numbers
  • Do not use gradients. Ok to use small number of single colors for rooms or titles to make the image more appealing in the event app
  • Size Requirements:
    • Ideal image sizes: between 600 and max 1500 pixels width or height in .png format resolution.
      For very large expo maps, you can use larger sizes but you must follow these specifications:
    • if width and height are under 2,200 pixels each: .png or .jpg file format
    • if width or height is between 2,200 and 6,000 pixels: .jpg file format only (not .jpeg)
    • image cannot exceed 5,000,000 pixels (multiply width and height - 600 width x 900 height = 540,000 pixels)
    • .png file size must remain below 400kb; .jpg file size can be larger (max 1.25MB)
    • Use an aspect ratio of 4:3
    • Using Adobe Illustrator: choose "Optimize Type" and save for Web and Devices. PNG files must be further compressed via https://tinypng.org 
    • Save as 8 or 18 bit indexed png file to ensure smallest file size possible

The file name must be in all lower case letters without spaces or symbols. Save files as:

  • mapmapname1.png (replace mapname1 with floor name)
  • mapmapname2.png (replace mapname2 with floor name)
  • ...

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Speaker Photos and Exhibitor Logos

You can manually add speaker photos, use links, or use a batch upload with automatic file association. 

Learn more:

Rotating Banner Widget (Home screen) and Sponsor Session Ad Banners

Using EventPilot, you can display ad banners via widget on the home screen (or any custom view) and you can display ads above session detail views that are randomly pulled from a pool of images. 

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General Event Information

Add any general event information to your website and link to it. 

For EventPilot Advanced, Premium, or Pro users, you can include all this information directly via an interactive custom view that is available offline. 

Conference App Builder > Design > Custom Views > General Information

Ensure to include: 

  • Internet Access / WiFi / Charging Stations
  • Onsite Registration
  • Speaker Information / Speaker Ready Room
  • Bag / Coat Check / Dress Code
  • Lost and Found
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Child Care / Lactation Room
  • Guest Services
  • Help Desk
  • Contests / Donations
  • Job Center
  • ATMs
  • Convention Center Business Center