SSO AutoLogin allows users to automatically login with the same credentials as their app credentials. 


  • OAuth (SSO) login to app must be set up prior to setting up this feature
  • sso/html media types are only supported as an import (cannot create this media type manually in the CMS)

  • The URL must be secure: only https links are supported in the app 


  1. Contact your internal IT specialist and ensure that cookies persist for the login URLs being utilized in the app.  

  2. In the CMS, do the following:

    • Go to the Media tab

    • Add a data source by choosing the + next to Data Sources

    • Source > CSV URL / CSV Upload
    • Type > Full Data (Default)
    • URL > Add URL for CSV or Upload CSV directly
    • Click Next
    • In the Field Map tab, map your field correctly with the following required file headers:
      • Media ID
      • Title
      • Type: in this case - type would need to be sso/html all lower case)
      • URL/URN: secure URL to site where users need to be auto-logged in 
    • Click Import
    • Review Results Page
      • If errors are displayed, review and contact your CRM with any questions

Device Browser Support:

  • Android: Chrome

  • iOS: Safari

  • Webapp/Planner: Chrome 10+

 ImportantMust clear browsing data on your browser if logging out as one user and logging back in as another

In-App Use:

  1. To connect from Home screen: create and upload a banner, then connect using the Action Builder
    • Select Action
    • Individual Item
    • Media
    • Search your Title
    • Click Save
  2. To connect from an Agenda Item, add ID to the Media column of your Agenda CSV 
    • To review Data Specifications documentation, go to the CMS and choose Support > Working with Data > and download the Data Specifications PDF
  3. If user is already logged in to the app, the user will be auto-logged in to sso/html site with their same credentials when they access that media.
  4. If a user attempts to access an sso/html site prior to having logged into the app, they will be redirected to the login page.  Once they submit their credentials, they will be redirected to the sso/html site (media they first attempted to access).