Custom authentication: How can I set up login with my membership system or another solution?

Modified on Fri, 24 Mar 2023 at 11:34 AM

Custom authentication is a service to EventPilot Pro users. With this service, you can achieve a high level of control and customization of your authentication setup. 


  • Only association members can log in
    Using custom authentication, it's possible to integrate with your Membership System so that attendees use their familiar member login. OAuth SSO implementations are possible that way.

  • Only association members who registered for the meeting can log in
    A special custom authentication would be set up that uses your normal member login but checks against your registration system if the user actually registered before giving access to the platform.

  • Only attendees and speakers are allowed to log in but not exhibitors
    If specific registration need to be excluded, it may be possible to set this up via a custom authentication integration.

  • Only certain logged in user groups can see specific tabs
    You may want to have a tab just for staff and one just for exhibitors with additional information and important phone numbers. This can be achieved by assigning user types (registration types) during the login process. This feature is called Targeted Content and is only feasible if registration can be pulled in during the authentication process. Additional fees may apply. Learn more about Targeted Content.

3rd Party API integrations

If your 3rd party vendor, who you wish to integrate with, provides an API, please send the following to your project manager at ATIV: 

  1. Full API documentation
  2. API access (this could be a combination of a username and password or a special access key and API access URL)
  3. At least 2 different sample logins (registered attendees) 

Our team will then review feasibility and provide a development timeline as well as a price quote. 

Your Own Database and Development

If you control your registration or membership database yourself and can complete development in house, it is possible to set up authentication on your side. Contact your project manager to receive the necessary documentation.