How can my vendor pull individual user's schedules? (e.g. for Braindate integration)

Modified on Mon, 21 Aug 2023 at 05:07 PM

If a third party needs schedule data, it is possible to set up our API for that. This helps integrations like Braindate by e-180 or door-scanning vendors for CE tracking. 

A schedule retrieval API is available to third-party vendors, in order to provide a better user experience. 

  1. Send an email to your Project Manager requesting the Schedule Retrieval API and include the following:
    1. Reason for request
    2. Vendor contact information
    3. Transfer of personal data management (does your vendor meet privacy requirements? Are you notifying attendees in your privacy policy?)
  2. The Project Manager will provide your vendor with the:
    1. Username and Password (created by the Project Manager for you)
    2. Server domain name
    3. ConfID of your project
    4. Schedule Retrieval API Documentation
    5. sample attendee username and password for testing purposes

The documentation contains instructions for testing purposes.