How do I set up live streaming with my A/V vendor and use EventPilot as my virtual platform for my hybrid meeting?

Modified on Wed, 8 Feb, 2023 at 4:09 PM

EventPilot contains all the features and functionality you need to offer hybrid events with a built-in virtual platform. 

Live streamed sessions with onsite A/V

Use the EventPilot hybrid version where integration with your Zoom account and Vimeo account can be set up. 

Your onsite A/V vendor streams live through Zoom - no additional virtual platform necessary. All attendees use just EventPilot - remotely on a desktop or onsite via the native mobile apps. Your logged in remote attendees view the session on Zoom on their computer. 

Blend audiences for an engaging experience: Remote attendees can also use the companion mobile app as a second screen or use another browser tab to submit questions or chat with other attendees. 

A few minutes after the session is over, the On Demand video recording becomes available for all logged in users to watch. Use EventPilot's blended session chat or the Q&A Module for your moderator to collect all questions from the onsite and the remote audience. 

To set up, follow these steps:

  1. Integrate EventPilot with your Zoom and your Vimeo account
    Your project manager will provide you with the details for these setups. Additional fees may apply.
  2. Autogenerate the Webinars 
    Let EventPilot generate all the Zoom Webinars for you.
  3. Send links to A/V staff
    Each day, provide the most up to date virtual session report to your A/V vendor, sortable by room location, that contains all the Webinar starting links. Your A/V vendor will not need access to all your Zoom accounts. You may still want to provide the Zoom account logins in case settings need to be adjusted or a remote speaker needs to be invited last minute. 
    1. Pull the report from the Conference App Builder > Add Ons > Virtual Sessions > Report

A/V setup

Talk to your A/V vendor as they should be very familiar setting up your onsite room and feeding into the Zoom Webinar. 

  1. Speaker's computer and mic are fed into a switcher which is used to manage the in-room audio and slide projection as well as the feeding into the computer that runs the Zoom webinar.
  2. The video of the speaker on stage can also be fed into the Zoom webinar by your A/V provider.
  3. If you do not have a moderator monitoring the session chat, the speaker should have a second window or mobile device with the session chat open to answer questions. 

Setup Tips

  • Onsite moderators should not be joining the Webinar with their computers to avoid any potential microphone feedback
  • The webinar would be set up without chat to ensure that all attendees, remote and onsite, use only a single chat - the one built into EventPilot. Alternatively, you may want to choose the Q&A add-on module.

Simulive scientific poster sessions

Instead of live recording each poster presentation, you can skip having A/V in those session rooms and use EventPilot Simulive instead at a fraction of the cost. 

Presenters upload a video of their presentation via the speaker portal and during the live event, remote attendees watch these recordings in sync with the onsite presentation. 

Learn more at 

Take a look at the AOS 2021 success story, where EventPilot simulive was used in a virtual blended approach. It increased the scientific presentation quality while maintaining the excitement of the live event.