Analytics Definitions provided in <AppName>_AlertReport.csv

  1. Unique User Views - Based on logged-in users (all platforms). Unique User Views count views whether seen as pop-up or on home screen (doesn't double-count same user on same alert ID).  
    1. Note: Beacon Alerts are no longer supported
  2. Unique User Clicks - Based on logged-in users (all platforms). Unique User Clicks are counted only if user clicks "OK" on pop-up or clicks on card on home page to see full page view of alert, but does not double-count for same user.
  3. Unique Click-Through Rate - Percentage of unique users who clicked on the ad banner after viewing it: Unique User Clicks / Unique User Views (all platforms).
  4. Impressions - Non-unique user views based on logged-in users' views in native and web/planner.  They are counted whether seen on the home screen or as a pop-up, regardless of what action is taken on the alert or card.

You can download the Alert Report on the Home > Status > Alert Report page in the CMS by selecting the icon to the right-hand side of the page:

The percentages at the top of the page for iOS & Android are based on the following conditions being met: 

  • Project Settings' Location Alerts is toggled ON
  • Location Alerts (and/or Automatic GPS Alerts) are present in the app
  • Both iOS & Android users have logged into the app
  • For iOS users, they may have selected "Always" or "Only While Using App" 
  • Percentages update nightly, users who change their opt-in status will be removed from the percentage when/if they restart the app