Insights: How are Downloads calculated?

Modified on Wed, 08 Feb 2023 at 12:53 PM

Go to Conference App Builder > Analytics > Insights page provides downloads by platform:

  1. Downloads are an all-inclusive number representing the count of people who have ran the app. We do not subtract downloads when a user uninstalls the app, only increment the downloads (so duplicate downloads, uninstalling / reinstalling could essentially inflate the number).  Users are not double-counted if they log out and log in again as a different user on the same app (as is common with test users).  An entirely new run of the app (uninstall / reinstall) is what increments the count.  Note: for these reasons, it is common that the downloads reported on the Insights page may differ from that reported by the App Store / Google Play developer accounts.

  2. For the number of downloads to increase after the conference has ended is common:
    1. Some users download the app on another device.
    2. Some users uninstall the app, but reinstall it later to reference materials from the conference.  
    3. If last year's event app is still in the stores when the new one is released, many users accidentally download last year's app by mistake.
  3. Numbers are updated in near real-time.