How are Web App and Planner downloads calculated in Analytics?

Modified on Mon, 20 Mar 2023 at 02:09 PM

Unique Users in Usage Reports

For iOS and Android, these counts are the unique logged in users. See this article for more information:

For web and planner, the counts are tracked with browser cookies. The Web App only records a count if the home screen is visited. The planner always records a count when visited. A user does not need to be logged in. Cookie deletion (e.g. a user clears their browsing history) or accesses by the same user on multiple browsers (e.g. a user visits the planner in Safari one day but Chrome the next) will cause additional counts.

Downloads/Devices on Insights

On iOS and Android, this is the number of times the app has been downloaded and opened. It does not require a user to be logged in.

On Web App and Planner, a user must not be logged-in for the system to count the “download.” A unique user is one who has visited the Web App or Planner (at least once) causing the system to store a flag in local storage and send a single request to the server indicating a "download." Under normal circumstances this only occurs once, unless the user's local storage is cleared, which can happen if changing browsers or a hard cache refresh of the page is made. (See above.)

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