Q&A Module FAQ

Modified on Thu, 07 Dec 2023 at 02:48 PM

Can the Q&A be added to individual presentations?


Is Q&A feature only available for ongoing sessions, or is it possible to submit questions after the fact?

Attendees are able to submit questions after a session has ended if you keep the question submission open. Moderators can publish answers to any questions that are submitted after the session, then close submission when the event is over.

Can attendees submit questions for sessions that would not have a moderator, such as questions for a poster presenter? 

While the Q&A feature is intended for moderated sessions, EventPilot also has a number of solutions for connecting your attendees and your speakers. For example, attendees can use the Discussion Chat on a session to ask questions to a presenter. The presenter can then reply with answers or post additional information about their presentation. Contact your project manager to discuss solutions for your event.

Do you have a version of this article suitable for sharing with my moderators? 

Yes, you can share the following article to help train your moderators: As a Q&A moderator, how do I access, answer, and publish questions?