How do I link to a specific tab in the Online Planner?

Modified on Tue, 07 Feb 2023 at 04:21 PM

If you would like to add links to your website or marketing emails that open the Online Planner in a specific tab, you can construct the URL by following the steps below.

In the instructions below, we use the example of wanting to open our Planner directly to the tab Browse Program

  1. Navigate to your Planner and confirm the tab label that you want the Planner to open in - in this case Browse Program
  2. In the Conference App Builder > Design > Tab Layouts > Planner Tabs, you will see the tab layout editing option with the label, the tab action, and also an ID. Find the ID for the tab label you wish to open. In our example, Browse Program has ID 3
  3. Copy your Online Planner URL and add &tabid=3 at the end. The number 3 is the ID - in our case ID 3 opens the tab labeled Browse Program. For example:
  4. Open your link in a new browser window to test it


Link to Planner Tab from Planner Home Screen

When building your home screen for the Planner, you can also choose to link to a tab using the following trick: 

  1. Follow the steps above to construct your URL
  2. Open your Planner Home Screen Builder via Conference App Builder > Design > Home Screens > Planner Home Screen > Edit
  3. Open any of your dashboard icons or images with links
  4. In the edit view, click the gray rectangle on the left hand side of the ActionBuilder
  5. Paste only the partial URL starting with /web... For example:
  6. Click Done
  7. Publish to proof and test your new link that now jumps directly to the specified tab in the planner.

    Important: The links are only active for visible tabs. So if you toggle the specific tab to OFF in the Planner Tabs page in the Conference App Builder, then your link will not open the hidden tab. 

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