How does the Upcoming / Scheduled Sessions widget work?

Modified on Mon, 25 Sep 2023 at 12:16 PM

The platform can show users a list of sessions that will start in the next 15 minutes as well as the list of the user's scheduled sessions. The widget is dynamic - if there are no sessions starting in the next 15 minutes, it will be hidden from the Home Screen. It automatically appears if sessions start within 15 minutes. 

If there are many sessions meeting the criteria, the widget displays the first few then has link to "View Additional Sessions" that will open the full list.

As an EventPilot Pro user, you can choose if the widget should also display individual sub-sessions (presentation level) in the upcoming sessions tab or only the parent sessions. 

Conference App Builder > Settings > App Settings > Show Sub-Sessions in Upcoming Sessions > toggle to ON

How do I add the Upcoming / Scheduled Sessions widget in the event app or itinerary planner? 

  1. In the Conference App Builder navigate to Design > Home Screens > select either the app or the planner Home Screen, whichever you wan to edit > click Edit
  2. Drag the Upcoming/Scheduled Sessions widget into the location where you wish to display it in the Home Screen. This widget is only functional on the Home Screens.