What is the Attendance Scanning Widget? (EventPilot Pro Add-On)

Modified on Wed, 26 Apr, 2023 at 5:35 PM

Can I scan attendees when they enter a session for attendance tracking?  

The EventPilot Attendance Scanning Widget enables event staff to scan attendee badges on a per session basis. A report with badge number, first, and last name plus scan times allows meeting planners to track session attendance, which may be required for CME / education credits. 

How does attendance scanning work? 

Each session detail view displays a special tracking button. This button is only visible to certain predefined sets of users. For example, usertype "staff" could be granted the ability to launch a badge scanner from within the session detail view. The button launches a special badge scanner that not only captures the name and badge ID , but also tracks the scan time stamp and the person who scanned the badge.

Can the button only show shortly before and after each session? 

The session status widget can be customized in regards to display timing, text (up to 35 characters) and color. We could set it up for example to only start appearing about 30 minutes before sessions start to 30 minutes after sessions end. Timing is based on the local session start/end time.

It may also be possible to limit the button display to only specific session types e.g. poster sessions only. 

What kind of attendance reporting is available? 

From the Conference App Builder, access Analytics > Usage > select the Attendance Scan Log. The log is a CSV file you can open in any spreadsheet editor. The report contains the following column headers: 

Session ID

Badge ID

Last Name

First Name

Date/Time Scanned

Scanned By 

Staff can either only scan when a user enters the session or they can also scan when a user exits the session. In that case, the attendee would appear twice for a given session with two different time stamps.

Example below:

What do I need to set up attendance scanning in the app?

Your EventPilot project manager will work with you to set up the Attendance Scanning widget. 

Several requirements have to be met: 

  • Meeting planner to purchase the add-on module
  • Badge QR codes must be printed using a supported format that also includes the badge ID (see https://ativ.me/badge)
  • EventPilot Pro implementation must use External Authentication or SSO login - this allows us to only show the tracking button to your staff
  • Staff must be logged into the app to see the button (otherwise, they will see a "Log in for session status info" message that clicks through to login page)
  • Staff must have internet access - the button can only display if internet access is available)
  • Meeting planner to provide ATIV with: 
    • Images of badge examples (QR codes)
    • Registration User Types to differentiate staff user (person scanning) from attendees (those being scanned) or specific staff login usernames