How do session ratings work? (5 star rating)

Modified on Mon, 13 May 2024 at 03:05 PM


EventPilot natively supports Kirkpatrick Level 1 immediate attendee reaction feedback using a 5 level emotional rating scale. The satisfaction ratings are only available for analysis for organizers with access to the Conference App Builder (CAB). Rating scores are not displayed or shared within the app.  

Displaying Ratings in Session Detail

3 minutes before a session ends, users have the option to rate a session on a scale from 1 to 5 using a star rating system. Users can also choose "Didn't Attend" to indicate why they would not provide feedback. Once users select a rating, it will be captured in the project’s analytics. Only logged users can rate a session within the session detail view regardless of whether or not they had scheduled it. Users may change their selection within the session detail view at any time.

For On Demand sessions that don't have a date and time in the schedule, the rating appears on the first day of your event (that date is based on your session setup - if you have a workshop 1 week before your first main day, your event in EventPilot starts with the workshop day - the first date where a user could add a session to their schedule)

Using EventPilot Pro, you can turn session ratings ON/OFF 

  1. Log into the the App Builder
  2. Settings > App Settings
  3. Session Rating/Survey > toggle ON

Displaying the Ratings Card on Home Screen

Sessions that have ended and were scheduled by the user can appear in a rating card on the app's Home Screen to help increase response rates. (up to a 60-minute delay for cards to appear on home screen or in activity feed). Once a user selects a rating on a card, the card animates away from their home screen. The selection is reflected immediately in the session detail view and can be changed there at any time.

If there are further unrated scheduled sessions in the user's queue, a new card is presented. Cards appear in priority of 1) the most recently ended session scheduled, and 2) parent sessions (followed by subsessions).

In order to show the rating prompt on the home screen for user's scheduled sessions, follow these steps: 

  1. App Builder > Settings > App Settings
  2. Session Rating/Survey Card on Home to ON

Using Surveys Instead

If you decided to use Surveys instead of ratings, no ratings appear. Ratings versus Surveys is a global change. Instead of ratings, users are prompted to complete the session surveys. You cannot mix and match ratings and surveys.

Learn more about surveys.

You can also link to external survey or polling tools instead of using the EventPilot surveys and ratings.