How do set up different permissions for my event exhibitors and sponsors?

Modified on Wed, 14 Feb 2024 at 12:18 PM

If your EventPilot Conference App project includes the Exhibitor Portal, you can define the boundaries of what exhibitors can modify in their profile. Each exhibitor type, e.g. sponsorship level, can have different permission settings. For example, you may only allow your Platinum sponsors to add resource links while both, Platinum and Gold, can add descriptions. 

You can allow your exhibitors to edit the following: 

  • logo image
  • organization URL
  • public email address
  • organization description
  • web links (up to 5 web links, default setting is 3)

Any changes to permissions take effect immediately. No data publish is required. 

Setting Exhibitor Permissions by Exhibitor Type

  1. Add all your exhibitors and their respective exhibitor types in the exhibitor data via the App Builder > Expo > Exhibitors. Ensure you have at least one entry per exhibitor type. 
  2. Then access Add Ons > Exhibitor Portal
    All the exhibitor types appear as cards with permission settings for each exhibitor profile feature.
    By default, all features are turned ON and resource Web Links are set to 3
  3. Click the Pencil icon to edit the permissions for a particular exhibitor type

Ensure you have correctly set up all the permissions before toggling the Exhibitor Portal ON and inviting exhibitors.