Can I use symbols like commas, semicolons, etc. for locations (rooms, booths), tracks and metadata? My pin drop or filter is not working? What is a symbol replacement for a comma?

Modified on Wed, 22 Dec 2021 at 05:31 PM

Tracks/types, filters, and locations are metadata for your content and cannot contain symbols that would act as a delimiter.

For example, the location field you import in your agenda and exhibitor locations is mapped on your floor plan graphics. If the location is called Reg/Bags, you would want to exchange the forward slash with a character that is not a delimiter. You could use a character called fullwidth slash instead: Reg/Bags  

To ensure all filters and tracks are imported correctly and locations can be pinned correctly and display the animated pin drop, locations such as rooms, booths, and posters boards cannot include the following symbols:

  • colon : 
  • comma ,
  • semicolon ;
  • backslash \
  • double quotes "
  • single quote '
  • vertical line |
  • equal symbol =
  • hashtag #

You can include the following symbols 

  • hyphen -
  • underscore _
  • parenthesis ( ) or [ ] or { } 
  • star *
  • plus +
  • basic symbols @ $ % ^ & * < > . ! ? 

Helpful replacements

You can replace delimiter characters with other UTF-8 characters that look very similar to the delimiter character, but are not an actual delimiter. 

Replace the following:

  • forward slash / with fullwidth slash / (Details) Note: standard forward slash can be used for locations
  • semicolon ; with greek question mark ; (Details)
  • comma , with single low quotation mark ‚ (Details)
  • apostrophe ' with acute accent ´  (Details)
  • colon : with fullwidth colon : (Details)
  • pipe | with vertical four dots ⁞ (Details)

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