1. Open your Google Spreadsheet and open the worksheet which you would like to update.
    For example:

  2. From the Google Spreadsheet File menu, select Import ...

  3. Choose the Upload tab and Select a file from your computer

  4. Select your csv file that contains the information For example Speakers-01252015.csv

  5. The Import dialog appears after upload. In the Import Action section select Replace Current Sheet Leave Separator Character to be Automatic

  6. Press the Import button to replace all content of your current sheet. If you have very large data sets over 10,000 records, it may take a moment for the visible worksheet to replace all the rows.

Note: If you do a data import in the CMS immediately after replacing the worksheet, you may not yet see your new dataset being imported. It may take a few minutes before Google updates the associated published CSV file that is being imported into the CMS. Simply wait 5 minutes and try again.