In order for ATIV to submit your Android app, you will need to invite us as a user to your Google Play Developer Console. Having your own developer account will allow you to:

  • View real-time download & sales statistics
  • Allow changes of metadata to your app, without requiring ATIV's assistance (description, screenshots, etc.)

  1. If you do not yet have a Google Play developer account, register first at
    (A small annual developer program fee is charged during this process)
  2. Invite ATIV to publish your apps
    1. Sign in to your Google Play Developer console at
    2. Click Settings button (gear icon, upper left)
    3. Click User accounts & rights
    4. Click Invite new user button
    5. In e-mail address field, enter the email address provided to you by ATIV
    6. Select Release manager as the role
    7. Send invitation
  3. Once we receive and accept the invite, approve our team access:
    1. Return back to your Google Play account
    2. Manage User Accounts
    3. Locate the ATIV invite
    4. ‘Actions‘ column on the far right
    5. Select ‘approve access‘
      Approving our access will then grant our team rights to your account, allowing the submission of your app to the Google Play app store.

If you are submitting the app yourself, you may proactively submit a statement from your organization that you have permission for copyrighted materials in the app. This will help avoid suspension of your app for 'Impersonation' policy violations that could occur due to your sponsor logo for example. Submit your Advance Notice form to Google before submitting the app to the store.