What accessibility features are supported?

Modified on Fri, 20 Jan 2023 at 12:34 PM

The core functions of EventPilot, such as searching and building one's schedule, are fully accessible to users of assistive technology. 

Currently, we recommend you use the web version of the app, which functions on all types of devices (mobile and desktop). Your conference organizers likely shared this link in their communications about the app, but if not, please contact them to obtain it.

Mobile operating systems provide a wide range of accessibility features that you can use with your EventPilot app. These typically include screen readers, magnification and/or zoom, color correction or inversion, assistive touch, etc. Please refer to the individual OS details:

Apple Accessibility Overview

Android Accessibility Overview

Chrome Browser Accessibility Extensions

Experiences may vary on different devices and OS versions. 

Organizers: Please ensure that the websites you may link to from the app support common assistive technologies. In addition, streaming video services in use should include captions for users with hearing difficulties. 

App support is available to all users via emailing support@ativsoftware.com. We are continuing to improve the experience for disabled users and welcome any feedback regarding this, which you can submit to the same address.