The EventPilot Session Status / (9.1.0) Attendance Scanning Widget can display a small amount of information in the session detail view with an additional link for user actions utilizing a custom script per implementation (either by integration vendor using EventPilot API or by ATIV using their API) or for organizers/staff to utilize attendance scanning.


  • Must use External Authentication or SSO login
  • Users must be logged into the app to see the message (otherwise, they will see a "Log in for session status info" message that clicks through to login page)
  • Must have internet access (widget won’t show without internet)
  • For Attendance Scanning (9.1.0 feature), organizer must provide: 
    • Badge examples(QR codes)
    • User Types to differentiate staff user (person scanning) from attendees (those being scanned) or specific staff usernames


  1. An attendee is logged into the app and viewing a session for CE credit, but has not yet claimed the credit on an external site can tap on the message to take action:
      Before claiming credit:                              After visiting external webpage to claim credit 
                                                                                 & returning to session:        

  2. An attendee is logged into the app, but is not registered for a particular session shows a status message indicating they can tap on the message to take action (register for the session):
    1. Note: the widget checks for “https://“ to assume a valid link in order to give the status message action to an external site, noted by the line around the text (button).
  3. 9.1.0 Feature: An organizer logs into the app and is granted the ability to launch a badge scanner from within the session detail view in order to track attendance for that particular session.


  1. Only 1 "status" message per implementation, that may change depending on actions taken by the user, but there cannot be multiple messages/widgets shown at same time.  Recommended character limit of this status message is 35 characters.

  2. No push notifications are available based on the widget; rather the widget only available and displayed via session detail view and if internet connection (and potentially other criteria such as being logged in)

Attendance Scanning (9.1.0 Feature):

  1. A report is available for organizers to download from the CMS Usage Reports page showing all scans by session ID.  Only the unique badge ID, Last Name & First Name are collected from the badge.  Example below: