Please consider only alerts that offer a true benefit for your attendees. We have seen attendees complain on Twitter when organizers add too many notifications or alerts that don't provide value such as "Welcome to the conference." 

  1. Log in to the CMS and access the Design>Now/Alerts/Banners tab
  2. Select Add New and choose Alert Message from the menu
  3. Fill in the fields as necessary and add an action if needed. We recommend setting alerts for at least 30 minutes to ensure the majority of attendees will see it.
    1. Attendees that have seen the notification will not receive a second notification. The accompanying alert on the home screen will automatically disappear at your specified end time or if the attendee closes the alert card.
  4. Press the Save button
  5. Publish to proof and to live - you do not need to publish a full data update to update your alerts in the app. Note: if you are linking an alert with a newly created data record such as a new speaker, then you will need a full data publish to ensure the new speaker data is added to the app and is available when the alert is clicked.
  6. When the event is over, use Overview > Status > Alert Reports to review analytics for your alerts

We recommend setting up all your notifications in advance of your event. This increases the likelihood that your attendees will have downloaded your latest alert settings on their device.

Example Scenario:

If you'd like to notify attendees about an important event that is about to start, set the start time of the alert to be 30 min before the session starts so attendees have sufficient time to walk to the location and set the end time to 15 min after the session starts.