Can I offer a countdown timer for a session or presentation for my speakers to use?

Modified on Mon, 01 Apr 2024 at 01:58 PM

The countdown and timer page is available for any sessions in your program. 

You can generate a link to this page with the project domain (via the App Builder), your project ID, the session ID, and the speaker ID. (As a reminder, presentations are also considered sessions in the EventPilot App Builder, so the same steps apply.)

Where to find your domain? 

  • Log into the App Builder and access your project
  • Look in your browser's address bar. It could start for example with This is the domain.

Where to find your project ID? 

  • In the App Builder, click on your icon in the top right. 
  • In the sidebar, the project ID is given, for example ABC23 

Where to find a session and speaker ID? 

  • In the App Builder > Agenda > Sessions > search for the session you'd like to create the countdown URL for. 
  • Click on the session to open the detail view.
  • The session ID is displayed underneath the Session Detail title. In the example above, the ID would be 226
  • The same view displays the speaker IDs. In the example above, the speaker ID is RR

How to construct the URL? 


Let's build the URL:

Note that this is just an example and doesn't correspond to a real project. 

Pay attention to upper and lower case in your IDs.