My speaker is getting an error to contact the organizer upon speaker portal login. How do I re-invite them?

Modified on Tue, 7 Feb, 2023 at 4:29 PM

The initial invitation email from the Conference App Builder contains a personal user verification code. It is assumed that the speaker, based on the private email in the speaker data, receives that email and clicks the link with the code. Once the speaker portal page opens, they are prompted to log in. The login is linked to the registration data and upon successful login, the speaker logging in is now linked to that speaker's portal page.

However, your speaker may forward their email to their assistant in order to upload content for them. If the assistant is also registered for the event and then logs in as the assistant for the speaker, now the assistant's login is linked to that speaker's portal. 

When the speaker then wants to log into the speaker portal using their own login based on registration, they will see an error since someone else already logged in on their behalf using different login credentials.

In that case, you can reset the speaker invitation link with the special personalized verification code. If the assistant had already uploaded content, that content will still be in the speaker portal after reset. 

Reset Invitation URL

  1. Go to the Conference App Builder > Add Ons > Speaker Portal > Invite
  2. Enter the speakers email (as it appears in the private email field in the data in the Conference App Builder > Agenda > Speakers) in the field to Lookup Individual Speaker Info > click the Search button
  3. Click Resend Invite. This resets the verification code as if nobody had ever logged in for that speaker.
  4. You can also retrieve the URL with the verification code yourself after resending the invite. Refresh the page and enter the same email address in the Lookup Individual Speaker Info field. After resending the invite and thereby resetting the URL, the URL with the new verification code appears. Click the copy symbol and paste it into your email you are directly sending to the speaker.

    Note: If you see in the State field that the speaker had already logged in, the personal verification code is not included in the URL. In order for a verification code to show, either nobody ever logged in using that URL or you need to reset the URL by resending the invite (see step 1 and 2 above)

If an organizer will need to submit content for speakers, please contact your project manager to set up your own login as an admin. This will allow you to submit content for speakers without "claiming" their speaker portals. 

If someone else needs to submit content, please communicate to them to use each speakers' login credentials and to always log out again after completing a speaker upload.