How do I use the Google Chrome Inspector (get a Console or Network log)?

Modified on Mon, 27 Feb 2023 at 01:58 PM

If something doesn't appear to be working as it should and you have already restarted your browser or your computer and you are still having an issue with the Planner, Web App, or the Conference App Builder that we are unable to reproduce, you can help us determine what may be going on by sending us the following screenshots: 

Attach the screenshot in an email to - ensure to include your conference name in the subject line. Also include your username you use for login as well as a description of the page you are trying to access (e.g. "I am in the Program tab and I am looking at session title 'The future of hybrid conferences' and I want to click on the poster PDF titled "Poster Upload")

Screenshot of error or issue on web page

  1. On the page where you are experiencing the issue, take a screenshot of the error message or problem you are seeing.

Screenshot of Console log

  1. On that same web page, right click (control click) on the page itself
  2. Select Inspect on the bottom of that menu
  3. Select the Console tab and expand the window
  4. Scroll to see if you notice anything listed in red. Take screenshots of the content displayed in the Console tab

Screenshot of Network log

  1. In the same Inspector view, select the Network tab
  2. Refresh your browser
  3. Try to reproduce the error on the page (you may have to minimize the inspector window during that time)
  4. Take screenshots of the content displayed in the Network tab (may require multiple screenshots if you need to scroll)

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