How do I add a curated itinerary / co-pilots?

Modified on Fri, 8 Mar at 4:59 PM

Some of your attendees will arrive on the first day of your event without having had any time to research the sessions and build their personal schedule. You can help them and create a variety of curated itineraries that your attendees can browse in the planner and using the native apps, add to their itinerary with a tap of a button. For example, your education team may design the ideal set of sessions for Nurses and another one around a particular topic such as advanced industry topics. 

Alternatively, you can provide co-pilots, a list of sessions your key industry influencers have on their schedules or would recommend. 

How to Collect Itineraries

  1. For a co-pilot, ask the industry experts to add the sessions they would attend or endorse to their calendar. Remind them to avoid adding two sessions that overlap. Create a login per itinerary and build the ideal itinerary for each login.
  2. In the App Builder menu navigate to Analytics > Insights
  3. Click the Usage tab and scroll to the header User Activity Statistics
  4. Click the download button to download the CSV report and open the UserReport.csv file in a spreadsheet program
  5. Find the username in the report from which you want to create a curated itinerary - copy the cell with the session IDs for that user (in column B)

What to Provide to your Project Manager

This feature is available for EventPilot Pro users with Project Management hours. Ensure you are providing a finalized data set. Each update takes time and will count against allotted hours for the project.

  1. Your project manager will provide you with a Google Sheet template. Complete the highlighted fields in the Setup worksheet to provide a page title and an optional description paragraph. You can edit this text later yourself in the custom view via the App Builder.

  2. Complete the worksheet called Copy from UserReport.csv 
    1. Enter a label for each itinerary
    2. Optionally provide a short description who this itinerary is for
    3. Paste the cell with the session IDs into the respective row in column C

  3. When you have completed the worksheet, ATIV will generate the special custom view for you. You can link to the custom view from a home screen button, a native app tab or a planner tab. See sample screenshot below: