How do I enable Developer Mode on my iOS device?

Modified on Tue, 28 Nov 2023 at 12:54 PM

Important: This article is only relevant to conference organizers who wish to install the proof version of their EventPilot Pro branded or multi-event shell app on their iOS device. 

After installing a proof app on an Apple device running iOS 16 or newer, you may encounter a pop-up stating that you must enable the Developer Mode setting in order to run the app. 

Developer Mode is a security measure. More info:

If you're not sure what version of iOS you're running, please refer to this article from Apple:

Note: On iOS 16.1 or newer, the setting is hidden until you first download a proof app. First you must attempt to download and install the proof version.

To enable Developer Mode, follow the instructions in the pop-up or:

  1. Try to install the proof and you will see a prompt that developer mode must be enabled. The attempt to install a proof version unhides the developer mode in Settings. 
  2. Access  Settings on your iOS device
  3. Locate Privacy & Security
  4. Scroll down to Developer Mode > tap it
  5. Toggle Developer Mode ON
  6. Confirm
  7. Your device will restart. You should now be able to run the proof app.