I need to change the label of a session type but speakers already started uploading content?

Modified on Fri, 30 Sep, 2022 at 1:02 PM

Imagine the following scenario: 

In your session data (CMS > Agenda > Session Types), you have a session type called Posters. Using the speaker portal in the CMS, you have set up an upload request where you want all your speakers associated to any session of type 'Posters' to upload a video. Your upload request would look like the screenshot below in the CMS Speaker Portal page: 

Imagine, one week before your conference, your board of directors decides to change the session type label from Posters to Digital Posters.

You make the change in the session data first. All your sessions that previously had the session type Posters now have the session type Digital Posters. 

After you have made that change in your session data, you then need to update your speaker portal upload request to reflect that change.

From a data perspective, "Digital Posters" is a new session type. You will need to add this new session type to your existing upload request. 

  1. Click the blue Filter icon in your upload request
  2. Select the new label (e.g. in our example it would be "Digital Posters")
  3. Click Done 

The old session type label plus the new label both appear in the filter list for the request. 

Already uploaded content is not affected by this change.