The CMS allows you to build a dashboard style home screen. See examples on Pinterest

You can edit your home screens by going to the CMS > Design > Home Screen and select either the app or the planner home screen to edit. The App home screen and the Planner home screen can have different designs. You can also include static images and therefore, for example, display and app sponsor logo on the app home screen and a planner sponsor logo on the planner home page.

If you prefer to include rotating banner ads, you can use the banner widget. The ads can be uploaded directly in the CMS > Design > Now / Alerts. Each ad appears for 6 seconds before rotating to the next ad. On each home screen access, the starting ad is randomly selected followed by the next ad in the order ads appear in the CMs.

In order to display banner graphics stacked on top of each other instead of inside a rotating slot, go to the CMS > App Settings > Widgets > Rotating Banners and set that toggle to OFF.

Learn more about sponsor graphics in this article.