How do I hide the View Recording button for a particular session?

Modified on Wed, 08 Feb 2023 at 12:52 PM

If you are using the Zoom integration with EventPilot and you know in advance for which session types or which sessions in particular you do not want to show a recording, provide this information to your project manager to set up in advance. 

If you do see the View Recording button, your Zoom Meeting or Webinar has occurred already and was recorded. In the Conference App Builder > Virtual Sessions > Session, you can delete a recording at any time. Note: This will also delete the recording on Zoom, so if you need to keep a copy of your recording, ensure to first download it from Zoom before pressing the delete button. 

The View Recording button will no longer display as there is no more file to show. A data publish is not required for this change to occur. 

You can also contact your project manager to hide the recording for a session. Provide the session's title or ID.

If you are not using the Zoom integration but a custom setup for your recording links, please contact your project manager.