Is it possible to generate a test virtual session or Webinar in Zoom (dry run)?

Modified on Mon, 27 Mar, 2023 at 1:38 PM

About one week before your live event, your project manager will schedule a dry run test session with you. 

This means we are going to create a Zoom Meeting and a Zoom Webinar test session using your Zoom licenses and, if using this feature, your Vimeo account. These test sessions will be in a test project rather than your actual project. You will recieve instructions on how to access the test project when we schedule the dry run.

First, watch the video below

Before the Dry Run

You will be set up as a speaker for both, the Zoom Meeting and the Zoom Webinar. You will receive emails from ATIV and from Zoom. 

Ensure you understand the difference between a Zoom Meeting and a Zoom Webinar. If you are not sure, please visit the Zoom website for live or recorded Zoom training sessions. Review the feature comparison table.

It is critical that you carefully review these articles before the dry run session: 

During the Dry Run


Meetings are great for interactive social events or poster Q&A sessions with multiple speakers and attendees discussing topics. Each participant can control their own microphone and webcam. The speaker associated to the parent session (top level session) in the agenda data also receives the host key and can assume the host role with privileges such as the ability to mute all or remove participants from the meeting.

  1. Experience from the speaker perspective
    1. Check your emails and find the speaker email received for the Zoom Test Meeting. Click the link in your email to join as a speaker.
  2. Experience from the attendee perspective
    1. After joining via your speaker link, you can open the sample Online Planner on the dry run day to join as if you were an attendee. (Your Project Manager will provide this link via the dry run meeting invite.) 
    2. You can also join via the native app (install EventPilot Conference App from the store and enter the code DRYRUN when prompted)
    3. Log in as with the password test123, and click the Join Virtual Session button on the Zoom Test Meeting's detail page.


Webinars are great for presentations such as keynotes or orals. Speakers join as panelists in a Zoom webinar. The webinar must be started by a host (a person on your team who has access to the Zoom account login for the particular webinar.)

  1. Experience from the attendee perspective when the host has not started the session
    1. In the Online Planner or the native, find the Zoom test Webinar and click the Join Webinar button. Notice what happens and what you can see. 
  2. Start the Webinar as the host (one person from your team would start this webinar)
    1. Webinars require a host. Use the Conference App Builder > Add-Ons > Virtual Sessions > Sessions to find out which license was applied to the webinar. Your team has access to your Zoom account. Log in as the Zoom user in Zoom for that account, find the webinar, and start it. 
  3. Experience from the attendee perspective when the host has started but is not yet broadcasting
    1. Open the native app, log in as an attendee, and Join Webinar. Users join in a waiting room and can't see the screens yet.
  4. Our team or your team members that were added as speakers can now join as speakers. 
    1. As the host, start broadcasting and then try on your mobile device again to join the webinar. 

After the Dry Run

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