How do I use the Intelligent Room Overflow Indicator / Predictor?

Modified on Mon, 07 Nov 2022 at 09:41 AM

The Intelligent Room Overflow Indicator provides a visual guide to help you identify session rooms that may exceed capacity, allowing you to set up alternate arrangements, such as a supplementary room to screen a livestream of the session. 

To take advantage of this feature, please work with your project manager.

  1. Identify the rooms that you would like to monitor. To ensure the tool performs well, limit this to 10 to 15 rooms.
  2. Provide the capacities of these rooms. Please indicate the room names exactly as they are in your sessions' location data.

Your project manager will set up the tool once your conference maps are finalized and the pinning is completed. 

You can begin to use the tool once users begin to schedule sessions in your app. Here is an example screenshot:

  1. Click a date. In the screenshot, "Sat, 10" has been selected.
  2. Schedule data appears for each applicable location. The darker the color, the closer to capacity the room is likely to be at that time of day.
  3. You can hover over one of these bars for more information, including the ID and name of the session taking place.
  4. If an overflow is predicted, it will appear in red and additionally be indicated with a red warning symbol beside the location name on the lefthand side.