I am a virtual attendee / attending the conference remotely. How can I view sessions' times in my local time zone?

Modified on Mon, 30 Oct 2023 at 10:06 AM

If you are attending a conference that is taking place in a different time zone, you may wish to reference the sessions' start and end times in your local time.

Setting your local time zone: Planner and Web App

Using the EventPilot Online Planner or web app, you can choose your local time zone from any session detail view. 

  1. Locate a session of interest in the Program or Schedule view
  2. In its detail view, click See in my Timezone
    A screenshot of a session detail view. The "See in my timezone" link is below the session's date and time in the conference time zone. This example conference is in Eastern time.
  3. Choose your timezone from the dropdown
    A "Set Timezone" dialogue box with a dropdown offering various time zones. The cursor is hovering over "(GMT-07:00) Arizona."
  4. Now, the local start and stop times for the session will display in the session detail view
    A screenshot from the same session detail view after the local time zone (Arizona) was chosen. The session's start and end times, adjusted to MST, display below the Eastern times.

Exporting your Schedule

If you would prefer to display your entire schedule in your local time zone, you can export it from the app then import it to the calendar program of your choice. Please follow the instructions in this article to do so.

Other tools

In addition to the options available through the app, a variety of online tools exist to reference and convert time zones. These can help you confirm the time difference between your location and the conference. For example, this website allows you to input your location and the location of your choice, then displays the current time in each place.